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Did you know that bathroom cleaning is an important part of our house ? 

No matter how much we keep our bathroom clean and clean, some stains are left.  Because the reason for this is that our water gets spoiled, when we go to saline water tiles and get stuck on Girish or dark stained tails. That is why you also think that we wish our bathrooms looked nice and clean and you are not disturbed, we have a solution for this. Because our team has taught us the work of proper bathroom cleaning. Just you have to book your order, then see how our team gets rid of saltwater deep stains.

What is included in bathroom cleaning by professionals.?
There are some types of Bathroom cleaning service by professionals.

High end dusting and cleaning of bathroom walls, cabinets, shower curtains and rod, tube lights, fans, switch & sockets.
Disinfection of toilet/WC seat, lid, tank and base, shower cabins, bath tubs,  wash basin.
Cleaning of mirrors, window glasses, sills, grills and doors.
Descaling bathroom fittings and shower cabin walls.
Cleaning of mirrors, window glasses, sills, grills and doors. etc.

Some things to note..?

Our bathroom cleaners also provide for steam sensitization and Anti-skid treatment if required, additional charges may apply.
Our bathroom cleaners do their best to complete the work within the time agreed. 
In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
If there are any permanent stains or Faded Tiles, we won’t be able to make them shine like new. 
The bathroom cleaner will inform you prior to work start.
Man power:-2 to 3 members depending of quantity of bathroom and size.
Time:-2-4 hours, depending of bathroom cleaning work.
Quality of Products:- The chemical used by our professionals  is 100% safe and completely harmless. Diversey (taski) products.

Work satisfactions:-100% 

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Service Note : If You Want a Bill ,Then You Have To Pay Online While Booking.and if You do Not Have The Package According To Your Desire,You Can Book The Package on The Phone Call.