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Azima Queen is a company that has been providing cleaning facilities to you in the last 5 years in many cities like:-Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Gurugram Etc.

In view of this, people have appreciated the cleaning work done by Azima Queen, we have found that there is something in the cleaning work that people are not getting.

What is it that people don't get ?

We have seen that in the present day Delhi NCR has come up with many companies providing more than thousands of cleaning works and all the companies have made a package of cleaning work according to their own and at the same time their fee  We have also kept that we have seen that people are getting some disappointment.

What is that disappointment and no company is paying attention to this ?

Friends, there is nothing to be disappointed because Azima Queen has identified what that disappointment is that you people want. She has a list of cleaning tasks decided by you. We have given this list a name, its name is Customer Service.  Yes, the customer service will be decided by the customers, what kind of cleaning work do you want and for this you can call us and take your service, that too according to the work you decide, no wonder friends  So what is the delay, call now and enjoy your service. There is also a list of some tasks created by Azima Queen, this list may help you in choosing the service that you want.

List of Deep Cleaning works provided by Azima Queen.

1-Room Deep Cleaning.
2-Drowing Room Deep Cleaning.
3-Chimney Deep Cleaning.
4-Refrigerator Deep Cleaning.
5-WC (Port) Deep Cleaning.
6-Windows Glass Deep Cleaning.
7-Wall Deep Cleaning.
8-Almira Deep Cleaning.
9-Balcony Deep Cleaning.
10-Sink Deep Cleaning.
11-Floor Deep Cleaning.
12-Fan Deep Cleaning.

List Of Vacuum Dusting Works Provided by Azima Queen.

1-Wall Dusting.
2-Curtains Dusting.
3-Sofa Dusting.
4-Carpet Dusting.
5-Windows Dusting.
6-office Future Dusting.
7-office Carpet Dusting.
8-Door Mat Dusting.
9-Mattress Dusting.
10-Almira Dusting.
11-Car Dusting.
12-Villa Wall Dusting.

Experts always advise to get Customize deep cleaning once in every 8 months.
We provide domestic cleaning services for independent plots, flats, bungalows, farmhouses; apartment cleaning services, new construction cleaning.
Man Power:-3 to 6 team members depending on your Customize cleaning work.
Time:- Customize Deep cleaning might take between 7-12 hours depending on the size of the house. Please plan accordingly.
ProductQuality:-Internationally-approved,Eco-friendly,Customize deep cleaning
Important Information:- For Customize cleaning, you have to book one day in advance. 

Work satisfactions:- 100%

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Service Note : If you want a Bill, Then you have to pay Online While Booking. and if you do not have the package According to your Desire, you can Book the Package on the Phone Call.