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Have you ever cleaned your mattress?

In todays era, everyone is absolutely serious about the cleanliness of his house.
Do you ever notice the mattress on your bed that how dirty it is or should it be cleaned ?

Friends, if your answer is not there then see. We tell you that along with cleaning the house, you should also pay special attention to cleaning your mattress. Because, Our house is as clean as necessary. Equally important is to keep our mattress clean. Do you know what harm can happen to our body if the mattress is dirty ?

Friends, if your answer is not there then see. Toilet the child on the mattress or something to fall off like food or something like tea or coffee or some water material ? 

When this happens, we clean it and dry it in the sun. Does this make our mattress completely clean, the answer is no. By doing this our mattress is not completely cleaned. Due to which such insects are born inside the mattress which disturb our body a lot or cause any other disease. To avoid all this you need a Professionals call the Azima Queen.

Why Mattress Cleaning ?

1.Hassle free cleaning at the comfort of home.
2.Mattress dry cleaning removes stains.
3.Dust removal using powerful vacuum cleaners.
4.High temperature steam to kill disease causing germs.

We offer two services:- three step mattress dry cleaning and two step steam disinfection. Our cleaning experts use the latest techniques and cleaning agents so that you can have a good night sleep on a super clean mattress.

Mattress Cleaning  Process ?

Dry Cleaning:-
1.vacuum-powerful vacuum cleaner extract dry dust, dust mites and residue.
2.scrub-shampoo rubbed in to mattress using a soft brush to dissolve trapped dirt.
3.extraction-dissolved grime and dirt extracted form mattress using an industrial.

Steam sanitization:-
1.vacuum-through vacuuming of 6 sides to extract dust and dust mites from the mattress.
2.steam sanitization-mattress treated with steam at 135 degrees for disinfection

Reasons to Professional Mattress Cleaning ?
Any stains on a mattress may be difficult to remove, but the main reasons for cleaning. mattress dry cleaning are to extract soil and disinfect the material.
If the mattress has a warranty, But may require professional mattress cleaning. 

Benefits of Mattress Dry Cleaning ?
Clean bedding can make you believe that your mattress is just as clean as the sheets and comforter. but that’s not the case. Even with regular bedding changes and an anti-dust mite cover. But mattresses can contain the highest amount of dust mites and dirt particles in the House. Along with helping to eliminate dust, dirt and dead skin cell flakes. Mattress Dry Cleaning Services In Delhi NCR.

How long does it take to clean a mattress ?

1.Dry cleaning of a mattress takes an hour for a single bed mattress. Steam sanitization takes half an hour for a single bed mattress.

How long does it take to dry the mattress after dry cleaning ?

2.We extract most of the moisture from the mattress after dry cleaning. However it might take 2 to 3 hours for the mattress to dry depending on the weather. It might be necessary to keep the mattress under a fan in case of humid weather.
Time:-1 to 2 hours, Depending on your Quantity of mattress.
Man Power:- 2 to 3 Members, Depending on your Cleaning work.
Quality of Product:-Internationally approved eco-friendly fabric care Shampoo used. Diversey( taski) chemicals.
important information:-Remember that after cleaning the mattress there is moisture in it which takes 2 to 3 hours to dry. Use it only after drying.

Work Satisfaction:-100%

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