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Friends, carpet is also an important part of home decoration today. Everybody knows. At the same time you also know that it is very difficult in today's time to keep the carpet clean and clean, as you are aware that work is going on in the road today. New houses are being built ,new construction works are being done. Due to which a lot of dust is being produced in the air and it reaches the houses And our carpets get dirty quickly. And at the same time looking at safety, now a days we also keep dogs in our homes, who keep coming to the carpet while walking in the house. Due to which a lot of their hair falls on the carpet and which is very difficult to get out. And as you know, tea or coffee falls on the carpet while eating, so it is very difficult to clean it. But now there is no need to bother you. Because we will also save your money and save time because we have brought for you a good cleaning of carpet at very cheap prices. And we also want to tell you that we who use shampoos in the carpet. It does not cause any harm to your body or your carpet or to Dogi in your house. Let us see what is the way of carpet cleaning by us.?

What is Carpet Shampooing ?

In Carpet Shampooing, a carpet shampoo is used to generate thick foam with the help of a machine and later the dirt is washed off the carpet. In case the carpet is heavily soiled, shampooing helps to remove the dirt out of the carpet. Shampoo cleaning keeps the carpet in good shape and also reduces any 
bacteria, germs that are present.

What is include of carpet cleaning by professionals.?
There are three steps of carpet cleaning by professionals.

Step No 1:- The dust and dogs hair, from the carpet is removed by the vacuum cleaner.
Step No 2:- Shampoo is done to remove oil, dirt and dog hair, that has accumulated on the Carpet.
Step No 3:- Vacuum cleaners are used to remove the shampoo and water on the Carpet.
Time:- 1 to 2 hours depend on your carpet size and cleaning work.
Man Power:- 1 to 3 Members depending on your carpet work.
Quality of shampoo:-Internationally approved eco-friendly fabric care Shampoo used. Diversey ( taski)chemicals.
Important information:-Remember that after cleaning the carpet. there is moisture in it which takes 2 to 3 hours to dry. Use it only after drying.

work satisfaction:-100%

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