sofa cleaning services in tilak nagar


Sofa Cleaning Delhi Services by Azima Queen Cleaning Services
Depending on how dirty your sofa gets, you ought to ideally have it cleaned once every few months. There’s nothing like new upholstery to shower your favourite soft furnishing for spring.

sofa cleaning services in tilak nagar

Cleaning a settee is a job best done by professional cleaners. Luckily for you, Azima Queen Cleaning Services company have the proper team to satisfy your requirements. Wherever you reside in Delhi, our sofa cleaners deliver high-quality results at fantastic prices. Give us a turn . Our prices and special offers are without competition.

Our company Azima Queen Cleaning Services prides itself together of the leading, most reliable, professional cleaning companies in Delhi. we've been working hard to supply all of our domestic and commercial customers within the area with top quality , safe and affordable cleaning services. All of our cleaning-technicians are fully police background checked, trained and monitored by internal control managers. we provide steam and dry sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, all quite furniture deep cleaning, including leather and other delicate materials. They skills to get rid of all types of stains or blemishes.

Why Choose Us?
We work with the newest professional equipment.
We identify the material composition of your upholstery to work out the foremost safe and effective cleaning process for it.
Eco-friendly cleaning products not available over the counter
Our cleaners have all been Fully trained to the very best levels possible for Upholstery cleaning.
The service will prolong the lifetime of your upholstered furniture.
We use low-pH cleaning products and therefore the latest cleaning technology to securely , gently but effectively clean your upholstery, leaving none of the residue which will encourage rapid resoiling. We clean all areas- backs, sides and cushions.
We pre-treat stained and heavily soiled areas with special treatments
Special treatment that most accurately fits your upholstery fabrics
We always use our Steam Cleaning method for our upholstery cleaning service unless for any reason the material is just too Delicate for this process then we'll decide what's the simplest thanks to achieve brilliant results yet not cause any damage.
We use our powerful Steam Extraction machine the Steam for all our steam cleaning services, this machine is that the best model available and leaves Amazing results.
We use dryers to scale back the drying time means you won’t need to wait a full 24 Hours before you've got to use your sofa or bed.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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