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We want to tell you how difficult it is to keep your things safe in the present day life which is full of running. An example of this is what comes in Daily use, such as a sofa in a house. No matter how much we take care of the sofa, due to the construction work, the dusty soil in the houses gets a lot. Due to which we are not able to keep our sofa clean. Also, small children make some stains on the sofa or spill tea coffee, which are not able to be cleaned. Now there is no need to be upset. Because Azima queen has arranged a good sofa cleaning team for you. That too at very low prices and will save time cleaning your couch will be done in a very good way and will save you time and money, why not try this opportunity.

What is include professionals sofa cleaning service ?
There are three step of sofa cleaning by professionals.

Step No1:-The dust from the couch is removed by the vacuum cleaner.
Step No2:-Shampoo is done to remove oil and dirt that has accumulated on the couch.
Step No3:-Vacuum cleaner are used to remove the shampoo and water on the sofa.

Time:- 1 to 3 Hours depend on your sofa work.
Man Power:-1 to 3 members depending on your sofa work.
Quality of shampoo:-Internationally approved eco-friendly fabric care Shampoo used .Diversey( taski) chemicals.
Important information:-Remember that after cleaning the sofa there is moisture in it which takes 2 to 3 hours to dry. Use it only after drying.

work satisfaction:-100%

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Service Note : If You Want a Bill ,Then You Have To Pay Online While Booking.and if You do Not Have The Package According To Your Desire,You Can Book The Package on The Phone Call.