sofa cleaning services in shastri nagar


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We always use our Steam Cleaning method for our upholstery cleaning service unless for any reason the material is just too Delicate for this process then we'll decide what's the simplest thanks to achieve brilliant results yet not cause any damage. Most upholstery fabrics are tough enough to be Steam cleaned, just because the material is typically very Durable for normal use. We use our powerful Steam Extraction machine for all our steam cleaning services, this machine is that the best model available and leaves Amazing results.

sofa cleaning services in shastri nagar

It can reach Temperatures of 120 Degrees, hot enough to Kill all traces of Bacteria and Germs, leaving you a 100% Hygienic piece able to be enjoyed by all. The Steam uses Minimal water and extracts the water from the item being cleaned so quickly that it minimizes Soaking, meaning that the Drying time after the clean is complete is reduced considerably. Taking a rough time of 2-3 Hours for the material to dry means you won’t need to wait a full 24 Hours before you've got a settee to take a seat on or a Bed to sleep in. Keeping your day to day life as on target as possible.

Our cleaners have all been Fully trained to the very best levels possible for Upholstery cleaning, they need worked very very hard to form sure they're Equipped with the required knowledge needed to tackle any situation, any fabric and any stain. they need all received the Certificates and grading they is required to become knowledgeable upholstery cleaner and since of this they need Gratefully taken their place working with Premium Sofa Cleaning we would like only the best for all of our customers, 

we would like 100% Customer satisfaction whenever for brand spanking new customers and Old customers. If the cleaners haven’t given you an ideal service and you're Unhappy in any way please tell us and that they will happily begin and clean the world that you simply believe to be lacking knowledgeable clean for a second time freed from charge.

The cleaners will arrive with all Equipment needed including their own Vacuums. You won’t got to provide anything in the least . they're going to buy any parking charges which will got to be paid and can leave your home exactly because it was once they arrived, just with beautiful looking and smelling upholstery.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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