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Azima Queen Cleaning Services features a broad sort of laundry services and cleaning services in Ghaziabad, making it simple for you to send your laundry. Our quality laundry and cleaning services also comes with free collection and delivery with a default 7-days turnaround that suits most of the people , especially weekly washers. you'll also request for express delivery, may vary consistent with items and availability of delivery schedule.

*Purpose of Collecting
Compared to a standard laundromat, Our laundry collection and delivery offers the subsequent advantages:

*Convenience, it’s only a call away,
*Ease of mind, because customers don't got to remember or rush to gather their items from the drycleaner since free delivery is already scheduled
Hassle free, since customers don't need to lug their heavy laundry to the shop. And collect back.. Of course!
Cost savings, since they will economize on petrol and parking.
Calling for a Laundry devour

clothes dry cleaning services in kaushambi ghaziabad

The soiled laundry will reach our factory either on the gathering day or the subsequent day. Before processing, your laundry are going to be checked again for any inconsistencies (such because the number of things and price) or damages. If any, you'll be told before we proceed to wash . There could also be an amendment to the worth at this stage.

Returning of Cleaned Laundry
Our normal turnaround is seven days. this is often to suit most of the people , who follow a weekly cycle. you'll request for faster return of your items. Our collector will call or text you when your laundry is due for return. If he can’t reach you for 2-3 consecutive days, your laundry are going to be returned to the factory for safekeeping. Please reschedule with our office once you are available. Upon receiving your laundry, please check through the things

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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