water tank cleaning services in subhash nagar


Water tank cleaning: an important cleaning requirement that's hard to ignore.
Azima Queen Cleaning Services is that the premier provider of cistern cleaning services. We make sure the full satisfaction of our clients. we provide comprehensive and highly valuable solutions for cistern cleaning service in Delhi

water tank cleaning services in subhash nagar

We offer cistern cleaning and maintenance services for:
*Residential apartments
*Swimming pools
*Shopping Centers
*Sports Facilities
*Golf Courses
*Office and Industrial Premises
*Horticultural and agricultural sectors

We believe providing only the simplest service with glorious quality. so as to make sure that our clients are satisfied and stay proud of our performance, we only deliver upper-quality standards. we've a bent to make use of only the foremost innovative machinery and instrumentation and to guage the task done at the numerous phases.

The procedure that we follow for cistern cleaning
Water tank cleaning is a general a part of the water blasting industry. We assure our clients efficient, safe, and prompt service that has quality testing and is out there at the traditional working hours if needed. Our staffs for providing cistern cleaning service in Delhi are friendly and knowledgeable. Our top most priority is to surpass the expectations of our clients. Our staff includes variety of cistern cleaning experts and specialists.

Step 1.
We employ the utilization of an automatic machine which will dewater the tank effortlessly.

Step 2.
Scrub and sludge removal
In this stage of the cistern cleaning, we start with scrubbing the water tanks with machines and also manually to dismiss all the fungus and dirt. The sludge is removed by employing a special cleaning kit for thorough cleanliness.

Step 3.
Anti-bacterial spray
The anti-bacterial spray is sprayed inside the walls of the tanks and also within the corners so on sterilize the tank both inside out. Our main purpose here is to form your life easier, healthier, and cleaner. we will fully organize, scrub, sanitize, and disinfect everything in your cistern .

Step 4.
UV radiation
In the last stage of the method of ultimate sterilization and disinfection, we use the UV radiation that's specially developed by a UV radiator and is employed to kill any floating or suspended bacteria that is still within the tank. this whole procedure makes the cistern 100?cteria free and excellent for storing beverage .

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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