sofa cleaning services in azadpur


We, Azima Queen Cleaning Services in Delhi, are ready to efficiently lookout of any sort of leather sofa cleaning request as our cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained and have adequate previous experience during this extremely technical area. We instruct our cleaners to work out the sort of leather, the character of soilage or harm and to use the foremost appropriate and sparing cleaning method so as to yield great results whenever . We do achieve outstanding cleaning results for all kinds of leather including aniline, semi aniline, top coat or pigmented leather, oil and wax pull up leather, bi-cast and two tone leather and more.

The whole leather sofa cleaning job is performed on site and that we use modern professional grade machines. We don't disassemble or take the furniture set to a different location.

sofa cleaning services in azadpur

There are two main factors which cause deterioration and damage of the leather furniture - regular use and therefore the frequent application of improper cleaning methods on a daily basis. Aging and general wear and tear aren't reversible, however they will give the leather a flowery authentic look. However, regular treatment with inappropriate chemicals onto the leather is probably going to render it brittle, chaffing, and peeling.

We, Azima Queen Cleaning Services in Delhi, are here to assist you're taking care of your elegant front room set. we provide best sofa cleaning services without the heavy tag . we would like to offer you the enjoyment of getting pretty sofa and armchairs without paying a fortune.

Our standard leather cleaning service is priced to suit your budget. we'll discuss any problem situations together with your furniture before we begin work.

We, at Azima Queen Cleaning Services sofa cleaners, provide reliable and affordable cleaning solutions for people demanding the simplest service or just short on time. Contact us today and invite a free estimate. we'll be happy to book a service at date and time convenient for you.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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