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Our company Azima Queen Cleaning Services sofa cleaning services serves all private and business residents within the area of , who need reliable, friendly, local and yet professional, efficient and affordable cleaning services. 

sofa cleaning services in noida sector 02
one among our top specialties is deep upholstery cleaning. we will clean any sort of sofa also as all types of curtains in your home or business premises. We remove any removable stains and that we use either dry or steam deep cleaning to form sure that your upholstered furniture or curtains are perfectly and safely washed and sanitised. All our prices are fixed, and that we don't have any hidden fees. 

we offer top quality professional sofa cleaning and fully insured cleaning services at affordable cleaning prices. Our cleaners can clean: wool, synthetic, linen, cotton, viscose, silk, organic fibre, plush, suede, nubuck, leather, chenille and acrylic sofa

The Deep Sofa Cleaning Process
Our cleaner will accompany all the required machines, instruments and detergents to wash your sofa or curtains efficiently and safely. An inspection is formed in order that the sort and condition of the sofa is assessed. All the detergents which are getting to be utilized in the cleaning process are tested on a hidden small area of the upholstery first. The sofa or other upholstered furniture is hoovered, in order that the maximum amount dust and dirt are faraway from the surface and beneath it.

The stains which are removed are pre-treated, then are the heavily soiled areas on the furniture. counting on the sort of fabric of the upholstery or curtains, also as your request, either steam or dry deep cleaning is completed .

Our Steam Cleaning Method
Steam cleaning is more thorough but it can't be used on materials which may shrink, which aren't colour-fast, or on delicate materials. cleaning solutions are used for the dry sofa cleaning. Both the steam and cleaning is completed with special powerful professional machines, and authorized , safe and environmentally friendly solutions. we will deodorise or Scotchgard your upholstered furniture if you would like . we will also bring powerful air moving systems to assist quicken the drying process.

So, if you're from and you would like knowledgeable and affordable sofa cleaning service - book us!

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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