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When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Putting it call at the sun doesn't count. If the solution isn't , it's time you hired our Azima Queen Cleaning Services mattress cleaning service. we provide mattress steam disinfection and mattress cleaning service.

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Our Mattress Cleaning Services remove all the unwanted stains and mud from your mattress. The heat steaming on the mattress kills all the disease causing germs. Our proper cleaning techniques involves dry vacuuming of the surface level of your mattress making it feel fresh and new again.

Service Includes:

*Dry Vacuuming of Chairs to get rid of dust.

*Ecofriendly Fabric Shampoo treatment to Mattress.

*Use suede brush to get rid of surface dirt, dust & Remove the spots.

*Drying using High suction vacuum .

Remove the Oil stains on Mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Service.

Dry Vacuum : We start with dry vacuuming the mattress to make sure all the dust, food crumbs and debris is removed.

Shampoo & Scrub : Once we dry vacuum, our pro will use a biodegradable cleaning agent (shampoo) to wash the mattress thoroughly. This procedure helps to get rid of all the stains and odor.

Wet Vacuum : this is often one among the important steps so as to get rid of the shampoo and dirty water from the mattress and dry it completely. it'll clean 90-95%.

Final step : Keep your mattress under the fan for 4 to five hours.

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