delhi ncr curtain dry cleaning services in vijaya nagar ghaziabad


Curtains are an excellent thanks to complete the design of your home. But in current humid and hot climate, curtains get very dirty  easily. they're usually the dirtiest fabric in your home.

Curtains are like air filters. They gather more dust, absorb moisture and odours from smoking and cooking. It also traps insects, germs and pet furs.

curtain dry cleaning services in vijaya nagar ghaziabad

Azima Queen Cleaning Services wash our clothes regularly but unlike garments, curtains are bulky and difficult to scrub . it's also an enormous hassle to require down and replace . Hence it is  usually attended to last until it gets really smelly and dirty.

If curtains are left during a dirty state for too long, mildew or mold will stain the curtains making them difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remove.

How Often do you have to Wash Your Curtains?

A lot depends on the environment you're in. Curtains mostly trap dust and other airborne particles that enter your home through open windows. If your house is air-conditioned 24/7, or windows are closed most of the time, washing them every 6 months is ok .

However if you reside during a dusty environment or on the brink of roads with heavy traffic washing every 3 to 4 months is suggested .

If you or a loved one smokes, the curtains will trap smoke particles and absorb the smell. Over time they're going to turn yellow. If your curtains are during a smoky environment it's best to scrub them every 2 months.

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TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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