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Azima Queen Cleaning Services Curtain Cleaning Services
1. cleaning
We offer a curtain cleaning service - one among the fastest turnaround for curtain cleaning in Ghaziabad. Curtains are bulky, heavy and difficult to get rid of . Hence we offer removal and installation service, even for top ceilings.

We understand windows without curtains are often unbearable.

curtain dry cleaning services in shalimar garden ghaziabad

The curtains are washed in our industry using industrial grade cleaning machines. Deeply embedded dirt and stains are removed during a slow tumble process at high temperatures during a digitally controlled machine. The curtains are completely dried in a drier machine and free from germs and bacteria. And smelling fresh too.

2. On-Site Curtain Steam Cleaning
We also offer same day on-site curtain cleaning. A custom heat steam cleaning machine is employed for steam cleaning. a number of the features are:

*95°C temperature doesn't harm all curtain materials
*Kills 99.99% of common household bacteria
*Steam pressure: 3.5 bar (right pressure to purge dust, stain and harmful *bacteria without damaging material)
*Hygienic cleaning without scrubbing
*Non-harmful for environment
*Fast and efficient without using harsh/corrosive chemicals

Our Service Commitment
We understand curtains are expensive. Some are made from delicate materials like silk and linen or may include special beads or sophisticated embroidery. Be assured that we'll take utmost care of your precious curtains. they're dry cleaned in-house with our cleaning machines from Italy and punctiliously inspected before and after cleaning.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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