sofa cleaning services in subhash nagar


Azima Queen Cleaning Services best in sofa cleaning

When we are confronted with any Leather furniture we'll provide any Shampoos and Polishes needed to make sure a Shiney, Clean, Smooth surface is left, with none Sticky residue being left behind.

sofa cleaning services in subhash nagar

We use only the best Conditioners and Polishes for leather which will clean the sofa furniture perfectly and leave a pleasant Scent in order that whenever you sit down you're hit with a gorgeous natural smell, reminding you that you simply have a clean sofa or chair. All of our products are Eco-Friendly, this suggests that they're extremely safe for the item being cleaned and for you the customer. These chemicals don’t give off any horrible Toxins which will cause some recurring Health issues, Health issues like trouble Breathing or Itchy Skin and Eyes.

This is a huge bonus for everybody that's present when the cleaning service takes place, Allergy sufferers, Pets and even Children are 100% Safe when these products are getting used and it helps us do our bit for the earth too. all of them have ingredients that include Deodorizers, and Urine neutralizers getting obviate a number of the foremost Stubborn Smells around. They also contain Stain treatment Chemicals which will lift and take away a number of the toughest stains like Tea, Coffee, Red wind, Mud, Ink, Makeup and that they can even remove Chewing gum.

It doesn’t matter what’s been spilt we will remove it regardless of how deep it's sunk into the fibres . also as removing all Stains we'll remove all Dust, Germs and Bacteria too.

You and your Friends and Family might be receiving one among our Professional upholstery cleaning services immediately if you only book with us today, there’s numerous ways to book. you'll Call us , Email us, Tweet us and even Facebook message us. you'll get a response as soon as possible with theses methods but if you wanted an instantaneous answer choose the Phone option and speak to at least one of our Friendly office , they're always happy to help you with any questions you'll have.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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