sofa cleaning services in gafoor nagar


Professional Sofa Cleaning with Azima Queen Cleaning Services

Love your sofa once more and feel Proud and assured to point out it off to all or any your Guests and Family. Fresh Scents will allow you to Relax and know that your upholstered furniture is Bacteria free and as clean as are often .

Eco-friendly cleaning is extremely important a part of our services. All of the Chemicals that we use are also Eco-Friendly and contain Odor Neutralizers in order that any nasty odurs are Banished including Pet urine for all you pet lovers.

sofa cleaning services in gafoor nagar

There also are ways in which you'll protect your sofas in between cleans. A product referred to as Scotchgard may be a brilliant thanks to protect your sofas from nasty Spills. Although it not 100% Waterproof it'll Repel any Liquids and Foods from penetrating the deeper fibres allowing Spills and Stains to be simply wiped up. Its acts as an invisible barrier not compromising the texture or look of the sofa, as if it isn't even there.

We always begin by Vacuuming the whole Sofa before the Steam process begins. this is often to get rid of any loose Dirt and mud particles giving us a Fresh canvas to wash . Then we'll stir up our steam cleaning machine and start spraying Stain removal and Shampoos which will work the stains out from even the deepest of fibres. All this is often done whilst causing no Damage to the fibre in any way whatsoever.

The SteemPro 2000 sprays the water onto the material and sucks it copy almost Instantly minimizing soaking and allowing the sofa to be completely Dry in only a couple of hours.

Don't hand over , book a settee Cleaning Delhi with Azima Queen Cleaning services today and see for yourselves that you simply don't got to replace your sofas, just give the some Love and Care.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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