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Azima Queen Cleaning Services cleaning and laundry services

We can add hours of free time to your day by doing all of your everyday laundry. Azima Queen Cleaning Services clean almost everything – from business shirts to ladies’ dresses to bath towels and bed sheets. Before your clothes are cleaned, we manually inspect each item of clothing to work out the best cleaning method for it. the garments are then tagged accordingly before they're sent off to be cleaned. The laundry service includes washing and ironing. you'll prefer to have your freshly-cleaned clothes hung or have them folded. Our turn-around time for laundry services is 3-4 working days.

Dry Cleaning Services
By definition, cleaning is cleaning with the appliance of chemical solvents and within the absence of water. Before your clothes are dry cleaned, they're carefully inspected for stains. Stains, especially those on delicate fabrics, got to be carefully pre-treated before cleaning takes place. We apply different solvents to wash different garments and to treat strains. you'll specify if you would like your dry cleaned clothes folded or hung. Our turn-around time for cleaning services is 3-4 working days.

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Clothes made from delicate fabrics like silk, wool, leather and suede last longer and retain their original colour and texture better once they are dry cleaned. If you can't decide if the item should be laundered or dry cleaned, inspect our advice on To clean or Launder in our Care

Pressing (Ironing)
Are you desirous of crisp pressed shirts for work every morning? Or have items that are complicated to iron? Leave the arduous task of pressing to us! Every item brought certain pressing is checked by our specialists to work out whether the item requires hot pressing or steam pressing. After each item is pressed, we manually inspect each item. Our turn-around time for pressing services is 3-4 working days.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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