delhi ncr clothes dry cleaning services in mohan nagar


With large no of years of cleaning and laundry experience, Azima Queen Cleaning Services provides one among the best laundry and cleaning services in Ghaziabad. We are trusted by many regular customers to require care of their laundry and that we aim to constantly improve and supply top of the category cleaning service with exceptional customer service. At Azima Queen Cleaning Services, you'll prefer to have your garments and bedding clean or laundered. we offer both laundry and cleaning services in Ghaziabad to satisfy your various cleaning needs.

clothes dry cleaning services in mohan nagar ghaziabad

Our professional garment care teams will advise you on the best suitable cleaning care methods for your item's material to stop damages and problems.

What's Included on the Service?

*Quick Turnaround
We promise to urge your items ready within 4 Working Days. we provide multiple service speeds to satisfy your every need - Standard, Express, and Same Day.

*Convenient Locations
We are located at where you'd like us to be. you'll find our outlets in major places

*Special Requests
We try our greatest to accommodate your special requests like ironing of crease lines, folding or starch amount. we provide multiple packaging and finishing options, all up to your personal preference.

*Delicate Care
We specialized in professional caring for various sorts of delicate fabric. Should your items require delicate care, it'll be separated out and handled carefully through every stage of our cleaning process. Our garment care specialist will inspect and make sure that your items will receive the best care and a spotlight during cleaning.

*Multiple Payment Methods
We accept multiple payment methods

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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