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Are you uninterested in doing all of your laundry on a weekend? does one need a permanent solution for elegant laundry services? Well! Your quest ends with Azima Queen Cleaning Services

Azima Queen Cleaning Services: A world of eminent laundry solutions
Welcome to the planet of Azima Queen Cleaning Services where you'll find eclectic solutions for diverse requirements. you'll find a plethora of professional cleaning and laundry services from us.

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Since the start of our top-notch laundry service in Ghaziabad we've become a well-liked name for household and commercial customers. it's been a journey where we've catered to the precise needs of our customers by providing industry-standard laundry and cleaning services. Why wait then? inspect industry-best rates and provides us a call to urge the perfect laundry service from knowledgeable .

The micro fibers of your garments don’t like an excessive amount of heat. this is often why we only use steam. Our steam pressing technology uses multidirectional steam to relax the fibers within the weave and provides that ultimate fall & feel to your garment. And when it involves creases, steam does wonders.

For any large flat garments and articles like sarees and linen , our large roll press iron rollers do the work good .

After a refreshing clean or wash, these finishing processes confirm your garments are happy as new before they leave the hands of our experts.

Some garments require quite the standard services and that we realize it . Azima Queen Cleaning Services ‘Pro Services’ are designed to offer these special fabrics what they have .

DELICATE: A carefully designed machine process to be gentle on your delicate wear with embellishments, ornamentation or fragile fabrics.
PURE WHITE: A special treatment to bring out the brightness in your whites. No this is often not a bleach treatment.
STARCH PLUS: A graded service to your choice of stiffness and fall of the material .
ANTI MOTH: a really popular service (in tropical Indian weather) specifically designed to disinfect and protect your garments or linen from bacteria and fungus in long storage.
FABRIC PROTECTION: A fragrant finishing process that ensures reduction of creases and sun fading once you wear your garment outdoors.

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