water tank cleaning services in keshav puram


Water Tank Cleaning by Azima Queen Cleaning Services
We all are aware that impure water is that the reason for many of the chronic diseases, skin allergies and other health problems. Thus, Azima Queen Cleaning Services provide extensive cistern cleaning services to urge obviate any algae, insects, pollutants and other infection causing agents in water tanks.

water tank cleaning services in keshav puram

We provide specialist solution for cistern cleaning, which incorporates anti-bacterial spray inside tank walls and corners and sludge removal from inner walls of the tanks. Azima Queen Cleaning Services intends to form your life simpler and healthier.

If you were to seem inside your tanks, you'll see that each one the mud, dirt and silt, is settled at rock bottom of your tanks and a few of it sticks to the side. This becomes a medium for all the fungus , bacteria and every one slimy creatures (earthworms) to start out growing in your tanks.

This medium (mud, dirt and silt) must be taken out of your water tanks regularly to stay your water safe and you healthy.

While cleaning your tanks we don't enter your tanks or empty your tanks.

As we don’t enter your tanks, we don’t leave any diseases in your water tanks, so it's totally hygienic.

We use specially designed machines to get rid of this mud dirt and silt from your tanks while leaving most of the water in your tanks. We just put during a pipe which features a brush at the top of it.

During a daily procedure about 25% to 30% of the tanks capacity of water will get wasted leaving the remainder 

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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