water tank cleaning services in gangatoli


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Eradicating harmful waste with ETP tanks cleaning service!
The best ETP tanks cleaning service provided by us are used for eliminating harmful and unwanted chemicals from the wastewater. ETP water plants contains sturdy construction and are appreciated within the marketplace for their high resistance to corrosion.

water tank cleaning services in gangatoli

We know that stringent standard policies are employed at the time of producing ETP plants. we've a well-established and proven diary in ETP tanks cleaning service in Delhi and our services have always been met with great customer satisfaction.

We strive to supply our clients with excellent service at a highly competitive rate and haven't , under any circumstance, compromised with the standard of our cleaning services.

Other details about our service which will peak your interest:

*Skilled manpower for cleaning and maintenance,
*Carrying and following the preventive maintenance schedule,
*Supply of chemicals for treatment and disinfection,
*Periodical assessment from the govt approved lab,
*Providing code and private protection equipment to our operators,
*Proper documentation for daily work,
*Regular visits by the Senior Engineer for updates and effective follow-up, and
*Full coordination with client.

There are four different approaches provided by us for ETP tanks cleaning service in Delhi and that they are:

Preliminary: Removal of oil and grease and solids.
Primary: Removal of settable and floating particles like organic matter or suspended solids.
Secondary: Removal of the biodegradable organic matter or BOD.
Tertiary: Removal of residual dissolved and suspended solids.

Once the Effluent Treatment Plant has been constructed or established, there's a requirement for operation and maintenance by the team of experienced and qualified persons. to make sure efficient and effective operation of ETP tanks cleaning service, we are providing you with qualified supervisors and operators to take care of all the records and attend to the troubleshooting.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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