water tank cleaning services in gandhi vihar


We might not have the very best looking people and machinery, but we surely are the simplest bargain & value for money proposition.

If you're trying to find reliability & effective services for your tank cleaning, Azima Queen Cleaning Services is that the right name. , our services are backed with experienced on-field & back office . We are equipped with the proper machinery & tools on the sector & computers and software in our office. Together as a TEAM we not only provide best and quality tank leak proofing / terrace waterproofing / plumbing / tank cleaning & civil works, in the least surface, but also strong customer support making the entire experience satisfying.

water tank cleaning services in gandhi vihar

We have built our organization on the cornerstones of Transparency in the least stages of our work. At Azima Queen Cleaning Services we've always believed in informing & educating the client about what's in their best interest. we've seen growth on all fronts like, Quality & Safety standards, Infrastructure, Work experience and every one this together resulting into Business Growth.

*Regular weekly, fortnightly, four weekly domestic home cleaning
*One off services e.g. tenancy cleans
*Quick response to booking enquiries
*Flexibility to satisfy ‘short notice’ cleaning requirements
*All equipment and materials provided
*Fully trained, uniformed and employed cleaning teams
*Team leader supervision at Azima Queen Cleaning Services ensuring quality of service
*Home visit to debate your requirements

Whether you would like to schedule a 1 off tank cleaning in your home, a weekly visit or maybe need an emergency call out, or have a billboard cleaning need then our Azima Queen Cleaning Services team are equipped to satisfy your needs. With a variety of consumers as well as homeowners, our cleaners are renowned for being flexible and reliable.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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