water tank cleaning services in darya ganj


Water Tank Cleaning In Delhi by Azima Queen Cleaning Services
Azima Queen Cleaning Services cistern service is maintaining dedication to supply you highest level of customer service. Appliances with advanced and intuitive technology to offer our customers better results whenever to supply a highly recommended and secured quality of services which will expend more efficiency and capability. Azima Queen Cleaning Services work has provider superior and affordable cistern service, overhead water tank cleaning services, commercial cistern cleaning service, ETP tank cleaning service, cemented water storage tanks cleaning service, water tank cleaning services, we deliver quality in time the way customer wants it.

water tank cleaning services in darya ganj

Under Services We Repair Delhi

*Commercial cistern Cleaning Delhi
*ETP Tank Cleaning Service Delhi
*Cemented Water Storage Tanks Cleaning Delhi
*Water tank Cleaning Lucknow
*Over Head Tank Cleaning Delhi
*Water Tank Cleaning Delhi
*Domestic cistern Cleaning Delhi
*Overhead Water Storage Tanks Cleaning Delhi

Steps Involved in cistern Cleaning Services

Vacuum Cleaning
Now all the remaining mud and dirt sucked out by specially designed industrial vacuum . Now the ground of the tank and in fact the entire tank is totally dirt free. The impurity and sludge are once more taking an out and disposed at the safe place faraway from the cistern .

Anti Bacterial Spray
At the time of cleaning, we used the spray inside the tank because it kills all breeding bacteria and germs. With this, it also helps in preventing all types of water germs in order that your water remains healthy. This method purifies the tank and makes it free from germs and after this it water is filled to form pipes also germs free then throw all that water.

UV Light Treatment(Only High Capacity Tanks)
This is the advanced technology of cleaning a cistern as during this method radiator is employed to kills the germs and bacteria which are floating inside the tank. These germs aren't visible to naked eyes then also this method is employed to ascertain all germs and clean the tank properly by assuring not one germ is left.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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