water tank cleaning services in adarsh nagar


At Azima Queen Cleaning Services, our team only use water for cleaning tanks whereas most of the businesses use chemicals for cleaning which may be harmful to health. Usually cleaning tank is time-consuming task. It depends on the dimensions of the tank like 1000-liter tank will take approx 45 minutes. After cleaning the tank, you'll use it within few hours as we don't use any chemicals. We use advanced tools and technology in order that it can appear clears as crystal.

water tank cleaning services in adarsh nagar

Why do you have to clean your cistern regularly?
Water is extremely important to measure for each people. Nobody can live a life without pure water. many of us aren't aware that contaminated water may be a explanation for illnesses. So we should always use clean and pure water to urge fit and healthy. Dirty tanks and water can cause infection and diseases through the germs and bacteria available within the water.

Optimal Media for Germ Growth
Standing water is that the best place for the expansion of insects and germs because it gets collected all the time and during this way it gets stale by the time. Whereas cleaning water tanks warranted with pure water.

Filtration System Can’t Provide Pure Water
It is said that if your cistern is dirty then, during this case, your water filtration cannot provide 100% pure water. The filter can fight with some sorts of particles but it can’t stop the infection and another quite disease.

Polluted water can cause skin disease
It is common that water of tank was used for bathing and if your tank is dirty or carrying insects and germs then you'll face the matter of skin irritation, also can cause hair fall problem, and allergies.

Can cause the death
We all know that we use filtered water for drinking, cooking, and lots of other purposes but at some places, we don't use filtered water like bathing, washing brush, and teeth at this you're taking that dirty water directly.

Algae grow in dirty water
When the water gets dirty then it starts to bread bacteria because it starts generating many chemicals and gases which may create the foul smell and with this algae start growing and it grows at a rapid rate if they are doing not get controlled.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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