sofa cleaning services in rajender nagar


Expert sofa cleaning service in Delhi applicable to all or any fabric types

Azima Queen Cleaning Services focuses on sofa cleaning services and may affect any furniture type. We clean sofas, chairs, curtains, drapery and anything upholstered by using high-end technology. We use the newest upholstery cleaning methods and determine which one to perform counting on your upholstery's fabric type, which may be silk, Haitian cotton, velour, brushed corduroy, leather, etc.

sofa cleaning services in rajender nagar

For leather and delicate fabrics, we recommend dry upholstery cleaning. Anyway, if your sofa is formed from synthetic fibres, then we will perform predicament extraction cleaning. regardless of the cleaning method, at the top of both services you’ll get a Scotchgard™ upholstery treatment, which can protect your fabrics from future stains, like ink, red wine, shoe polisher, blood, crayons and more. This perk is additionally applicable to our carpet cleaning service

How does our steam upholstery cleaning service in Delhi work?
Hot water extraction is that the best sofa cleaning method. The service starts with the appliance of special detergents, which are specialized for the removal of common upholstery stains, like coffee, greasy food, blood, ink, crayon, vomit, etc.

Once the stains are pretreated, your sofa cleaning technician will inject predicament into the sofa's fibres, which completely removes the accumulated grime and mud .

Then, because of the machine's suction capacity the injected water is extracted back with all the dislodged dirt, leaving your upholstery perfectly cleaned and deodorised.

Dry sofa cleaning in Delhi for your most delicate furniture
To protect your upholstery's fabric from discolouration, your sofa cleaning technician will carefully examine their delicacy and apply one among the subsequent methods:

Dry solvent cleaning: This method is meant for very delicate materials and doesn't contain water in the least . A powdered solvent is applied to fabric, which on a microscopic level sort of a magnet attracts all dirt and mud . Then, all of this is often cleaned with a vacuum , with no chance of damaging your sofa or chair.

Dry foam cleaning: Once all the stains are pretreated a coffee moisture detergent is applied on the material then gently rubbed with a rotating brush. When the upholstery is perfectly cleaned, the technician vacuums the world so there are not any foam residues, and thereupon your upholstery cleaning service ends.

Leather sofa cleaning: We successfully clean sofas made from aniline, nubuck and guarded leather by using professional detergents, designed for this upholstery type. the method consists of applying the foregoing solution then wiping only with a cotton , so as to not damage the leather.

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