sofa cleaning services in model town


Dry Upholstery Sofa Cleaning by Azima Queen Cleaning Services
The upholstery sofa of the item that must be cleaned will first be carefully inspected by one among our skilled technicians to work out the material type.
Any crumbs, hair or other unwanted loose particles are going to be brushed and hoovered.

The item will then be pre treated with a conditioning spray after which it'll be coated with a dry solvent which can be left until it’s settled

sofa cleaning services in model town

As it dries, the solvent will dissolve all the dirt then be removed employing a very powerful hoover.

Skilled Sofa Cleaners In Delhi
Leather is like Rock and roll. It never goes out of fashion.
But unlike Rock and roll it can get stained and loose its spark. If you are feeling your leather sofa or armchair have lost their touch, why don’t you give us a ring?

*Fixed prices
*Vetted cleaners
*Safe cleaning solutions
*Ready to use after cleaning

Nothing seems like Real Leather...
…as long as you take care of it. And despite its tough appearance, leather is simply like everything else, you would like to seem after it. If you beloved leather sofa or armchair allow us to assist you out so you'll share more years enjoying the nice and cozy and reassuring feels it provides.

Our Sofa Cleaning Prices
Leather is perhaps one among the foremost precious material to man kind, from boots to belt, it’s been used for several purposes, including chairs and sofas. And while a leather sofa brings elegance and luxury in any household, it also requires acquaintance and an excellent deal of care. If you you think that your leather sofa is in need of a touch little bit of TLC why don’t you call us so we will bring it back to its original glory.

Our Sofa Cleaning Method
If you're proud owner of leather sofa, you would like a trustworthy experience cleaning company to believe .

That’s why we'll assess first the kinds of the leather that must be cleaned by sampling alittle patch of the sofa (invisible to the naked eye) so we will select the proper cleaning solution and avoid any damage or colour discoloration.

Once we’ve identified the proper cleaning agent we'll hoover carefully the sofa to get rid of any dust or hard particles occupy tiny crevasses which could damage the leather within the cleaning process.

Once vacuumed, the leather are going to be treated with a microfiber cloth and therefore the agent which we carefully selected as a part of our initial assessment.

At the top of this process your leather sofa should feel smooth, warm and prepared to be sat on.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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