sofa cleaning services in ganganath marg


How often does one book sofa cleaning Delhi service?

Do you just provides it a fast wipe with a humid cloth? Is your leather looking past its best and lost its texture and feel?

Your leather upholstery may suffer from cracking, dryness, fading, scratches or scuffs – don’t worry!

If so, look no further than our professional sofa cleaning services. At Azima Queen Cleaning Services we use the newest leather cleaning products to revive your leather to a ‘’like new’’ condition.

We apply a special sofa conditioner that leaves your leather feeling silky soft and with a lustrous shine. Our professionals can provide a tailor made sofa cleaning service for any sort of leather.

sofa cleaning services in ganganath marg

If you've got leather furniture, it'll most certainly need some sort of maintenance or repair during its lifetime. That’s where we are available . Our experienced sofa cleaners are trained to perform a spread of services to stay your leather healthy and searching great for years to return .

Our Professional technicians are going to be ready to identify the sort of leather utilized in your upholstery, alongside your cleaning needs.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services cleaning products utilized in our leather cleaning service are safe, effective and ready to remove:

Oils and grease
Atmospheric soils
Common soils
Dyes and inks

Our trained leather specialists from Azima Queen Cleaning Services use a proprietary leather cleaning system to wash and moisturize all of your leather. In fact, they’ll clean your leather sofa and each other piece of leather furniture in your house.

First, they're going to apply—and remove—a cleaner that wipes out damaging soils.
The leather is then heated to open the pores and accept the moisturizer.
They can also reheat the leather and apply an optional protector that really fills the cracks where soil typically settle

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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