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Add On Car Exterior Cleaning Services Package. in Gurugram

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Best Car Cleaning Services in Gurugram

Friends talk.The car's car is a machine by which we make our journey extremely easy.Friends, traveling in a car is very fun.Because it protects us from all these dust and dust storms and rain.Keeps pollution free.Saves time.Traveling in a car is as much fun as it is with which you also have some problems.Have you ever wondered why we experience vomiting while traveling in a car?  Why does it feel strange?  This causes our car to become dirty.That is why we should keep our car clean and clean but due to the time in today's rush life we ?are not able to keep our car clean.Friends,there is no need to bother you. Your money will also be saved, your time will also be saved because we have a very good team for cleaning.

Azima Queen Provide the Best Door to steps  Car Cleaning services in Delhi NCR. We make your car look new and shiny by cleaning it inside and out properly Get the best  Car Interior and Exterior cleaning,Making your car germ-free, insect-free and look default-free.

Details of Car cleaning Services in Gurugram

-Type of Three Option-
Car Interior Cleaning, Car Exterior Cleaning, Complete  Car  Cleaning Services.

1-Complete Car Cleaning Service -involves in and out Car beautification to provide you 100% clean, dirt-free and shiny car.

2-Interior Car cleaning service -involves thorough wet vacuuming, Shampoo cleaning and disinfection from inside for a germ-free and bad odor free car.

3-Exterior Car cleaning Service -involves complete car wash from outside removing all the dust and mud stains giving you a spotless car with its shine restored.

4-Engine bay area is also cleaned, polished, dressed and protected during the car detailing process.

5-Normal Car Cleaning Service- is done using Wax pol Rubbing.Premium Car Cleaning is done using 3M products.


1-Time:- 2 to 4 hours depending on car cleaning work.
2-There is an option for Car wash service at home or at workshop.
3-Free pick up and drop, in case the car cleaning is done at workshop.
4-The car cleaning packages can be customized as per client's requirements.
5-Team of Members -1 to 2 team members depending on your car work.
6-Products Quality -Internationally approved Eco-friendly car cleaning and
polishing products-Diversey(Taski)and 3m products
7-Important information -You should have electricity and water facility only then you will be able to get service at home.
8-Work satisfactions -100%

Important information of Car cleaning work.

Our Car cleaning Methods ?

Some Methods of Car Interior / Exterior Cleaning Services.

Car interior cleaning services in Gurugram?
Interior Car Cleaning thoroughly disinfects your car from all the germs and removes all the foul smell. Interior car cleaning services includes.Car Vacuum-Complete Car Vacuuming is done to suck out all the dust and debris deposited in the car seats, holders, floor.

Roof cleaning-
Car roof is properly cleaned and all the stains or marks are removed.

Floor shampoo-
Floors are thoroughly dry vacuumed and Shampooing making them dust-free.

Dashboard Dressing-
Cleaning and Detailing of Dashboard and Steering wheel and restoring the appearance as good as new.

Floor Mats-
Mats are firstly vacuumed and then scrubbed so that all the dirt is completely removed.

Seats shampoo and Head Rest-
wet Vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning and shampooing of car seats and its upholstery.

Doors and Sunshades Cleaning-
Car doors, windows and sunshades are also cleaned to make your completely free from all the dirt, dust and germs.
Thus our, car interior cleaning process completely cleans and sanitize your car from inside.

Car exterior cleaning services in Gurugram?
Car Exterior Cleaning removes all the stains and marks from the exterior body of the car, restoring its lost shine and making it look as good as new. This process includes.

Water less Car Wash-
Since our company believes in protecting environment we always advise to go for car water-less wash. A safe powerful cleaner is sprayed on the car exterior and is wiped with a soft cloth. These cleaners break down dirt on a car's surface and are buffed away (without water) leaving cars shiny and clean.

Car Shampoo Wash
Car Shampooing and Car Washing the car surface.
Cleaning of door jambs, wheels, grill, bumper, exhaust, etc.

Glass Cleaning-
involves cleaning and dressing of windshield and windows.

Tyre Dressing-
thoroughly cleaning for Tyre shining.

Quality of Polishing-
Specialized 3m car polish is used to polish the car exterior.

Car exteriors buffed with wax-pol rubbing compound using a rubbing machine giving your car a perfect clean and shiny look.

Well, professionals do more than just washing the car with water. 

Your daily car wash cleaner typically cleans the cloth with water, with half 

the time you see the car not even cleaned but only the wipers up.
Professional cleaning involves detailing, paint care, polishing, removing 

bird lime, road salt, brake dust.

You can go for complete car wash cleaning or also opt in for exterior car 

wash cleaning or interior dry cleaning.

Why professional car cleaning is required?

Why should choose Azima Queen ?

1-Top rated Professional Car Cleaners in Gurugram.
2-Internationally approved Eco-friendly, High End cleaning & stain removal products.
3-Professional Car Cleaning for all types of Cars – Small / Hatchback, Luxury/ Sedan, SUV/ MUV, Premium Luxury.
4-Modern equipment and machinery to clean and polish your car.
5-Prompt Customer 24/7 Support .
6-On-Time Services.
7-Skilled And Verified Expert-All our Experts Are Verified, Well Trained And Experienced
8-Standard Pricing.  
9-Immediate & Fast Booking.
10-100% Work satisfactions.

Car Wet Vacuuming Services

Car Interior Cleaning Services

Car Exterior Cleaning Services

Car Dry Cleaning Services

Car Washing Services

Car Dusting & Vacuuming 

Car Shampooing Services

Complete Car Cleaning Services in Gurugram

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Quick Booking Actions

Follow Four Steps and Receive Your Services ?

1.Select Your Service Package.

2.Fill Up Your Details and Required Service.

3.Confirmation Message from team  Azima Queen.

4.Allotment of Car Cleaning Service Experts.

-Providing Timely visit of Car Cleaning Service Experts in Gurugram.

-Call from Assigned Car Cleaner to Discuss Service Details.

-Reminder Message Sent 1 or 2 days Prior to the Booking date Confirmed.

-Instant invoice will be Received (POD) Pay Online Delivery.

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