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A damaged indoor regulator can't communicate start sign to begin capacitor and the fridge doesn't turn on. In such circumstance call to AZIMA QUEEN for fridge fix.  

The above are some normal explanations for fridge not working yet there can be different reasons also. 

What is remembered for the administration? 

The AZIMA QUEEN visits customer's site and investigates the fridge. The AZIMA QUEEN first searches for essential reasons like MCB, electrical wiring and momentum in the electrical plug. In the event that the MCB and electrical plugs are discovered fine 

Refrigerator Repair Services Sector 9 Noida

AZIMA QUEEN checks the vital parts of fridge like blower, condenser, coolant, thermistor, start capacitor, sensor and others. After the genuine issue is recognized, 

Best Refrigerator Repair Services Sector 9 Noida

AZIMA QUEEN portrays the issue to the client and proposes a potential fix or substitution. On client assent, the AZIMA QUEEN fixes the fridge.
Azima Queen is the one-stop solution for all your queries and doubts you can relate with. Azima Queen will give his 100?fort to provide the best service at your door-step

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