refrigerator repair services in sector 7 noida


Refrigerator Repair Services in Sector 7 Noida

Damaged electrical plug: If the fridge doesn't begin check the electrical plug where it is connected. Plug in other gadget like a light or a recording device to check in the event that they work. On the off chance that the fridge electrical plug is flawed, at that point the cooler won't work. 

Deficient current: A main explanation for fridge not working is inadequate current or voltage to the unit. Call at AZIMA QUEEN to check the current and voltage of the source with a multi-meter and voltage analyzer gadget. 

Refrigerator Repair Services Sector 7 Noida

Broken engine: A flawed engine is a main explanation for cooler not working issue. As a rule, the cooler unit will close down promptly or won't begin at all if the engine is damaged. In such case call a fridge fix proficient. 

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Broken blower: A blower is the core of a fridge unit which is answerable for refrigeration cycle. In the event that the cooler doesn't work, the blower may be deficient. The blower is an engine which packs the refrigerant or coolant and circles the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser curls. Issues with your blower may make the cooler unit shut down. Keeping blower perfect and greased up can assist with forestalling fridge fire up issue. In such circumstance call a AZIMA QUEEN for fridge fix. 

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