office cleaning services in gk enclave


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Why your workplace should be considering a full time office cleaner during COVID-19

If you've got employees within the office – albeit it’s a skeleton staff – you've got an obligation to supply a secure working environment, and a full time office cleaner can assist you meet your responsibilities as an employer.

office cleaning services in gk enclave

Full time office cleaning was a recommendation from the govt so as to assist stop the spread of COVID-19 – but what's full time office cleaning, how can it help make your workplace COVID-secure and the way much does full time office cleaning in Delhi actually cost?

Not all businesses will need a full time office cleaner – but at the very least, you ought to be considering increasing the frequency of your cleaning to daily office cleaning within the morning and/or evening and dealing with a reputable office cleaning company. also as a full time office cleaner, we will provide a daytime office janitor for a group period during office hours – from as little as two hours per day – to assist clean and maintain office hygiene.

What is full time office cleaning – and the way can a full time office cleaner help keep your workplace COVID-secure?
Full time office cleaning means you've got a contracted office cleaner on your premises during office hours to hold out important office cleaning and support tasks.

These office cleaning or support tasks may include the following:

*Frequent cleaning of high-touch areas – including door and cupboard handles, l*ight switches, work surfaces and shared electronic devices.
*Frequent cleaning of washrooms, kitchens and meeting rooms
*Replenishing stock like hand towels and sanitisers
*Support to remind employees of guidelines and maintain signage

TEAM SIZE: 03– 04 members
TIME DURATION: 03 hour – 05 hours

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