home cleaning services in rajender nagar


Full Home Cleaning Services by Azima Queen Cleaning Services
Our full home deep cleaning sessions provide you with a sure-fire thanks to completely eliminate all dust, dirt, debris, viruses, mould, fungi and bacteria from your premises, all the while ensuring that your property is thoroughly disinfected and completely germ-free.

home cleaning services in rajender nagar

Our specialists will:

*Attend premises with appropriate decontamination facilities and private protected equipment.
*Decontaminate themselves before and after the cleaning happen .
*Use disposable protected equipment like disposable masks with PF3 filters, disposable coveralls and gloves.
*Adopt practices relevant to the asbestos industry to stop cross-contamination.
*Thoroughly and completely clean all areas and surfaces within your premises, all blinds, windows, sills, furniture pieces, appliances, nooks and crannies.
*Sweep the floors and tackle the skirting boards.
*Eliminate all webs and residue.
*Polish and sparkle all countertops, wooden surfaces, windows and mirrors.
*Perform an in-depth bathroom cleaning session, complete with polishing, descaling and disinfecting procedures.
*Carry out a property-wide sanitisation procedure, capable of eliminating up to 99.9999% of germs and bacteria.
*Collection and disposal of contaminated waste.

Done By Professionals

*Carried out by fully trained and equipped professionals wearing the acceptable Personal Protect Equipment

*Fully vetted, insured and professionally equipped experts
Risk Assessment Procedures on a site-by-site basis

Domestic Sanitisation

Ensuring that no dangerous particles remain inside your home for prolonged periods

Professional & safe cleaning chemicals that kills bacteria and viruses
Safe and authorized cleaning solutions that are both child-safe & pet-safe
Our highly trained professionals reach the doorstep at a moment’s notice

TEAM SIZE: 02 – 04 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 03 hours

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