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Azima Queen Cleaning Services was established with a mission to supply fully mechanized and hygienic cleaning & disinfection for all kinds of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial WATER TANKS. We hire only fully trained professionals equipped with sterilized boots & safety equipment.

Professional Tank Cleaners to assist and educate people on the health hazards caused by dirty and unsafe water tanks and water.

A thorough and perfect cleaning provides a cleaner, healthier and safer water source for all requirements. One may ask an easy question how?

We exercise extreme caution during our cleaning/service. Cleaning a cistern is incomplete when a mere washing and draining is administered . Bacteria, germs and other unwanted harmful organisms stay embedded within the roof of a cistern . When a traditional washing is completed these organisms still remain and still dwell within the tank.

We at Azima Queen Cleaning Services aim to increase our services to a serious a part of our cities in India and beyond ensuring a healthier way of living to at least one and every one . this is often achieved by way of cleaner water sources at homes and every one work spots.

We provide fully mechanized and hygienic cleaning & disinfection for all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial WATER TANKS.

We adapt the subsequent seven stage cleaning and disinfection process to wash all kinds of water tanks at Individual houses, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Commercial complexes, Industries, IT Parks etc…

Stage I - Access lid cleaning
The access lid and its immediate surroundings are cleaned off mud, algae, dirt etc. employing a high washer.

Stage II – Dewatering
Water is pumped out of the tanks using an electrical pump.

Stage III – high washing
The ceilings and walls of the water tanks are cleaned employing a high washer.

Stage IV – Sludge removal
Sludge, mud and dirty water are removed employing a sludge pump and a wet vacuum .

Stage V – Vacuum cleaning
The floor of the tank is cleaned employing a high washer and a wet vacuum .

Stage VI – Anti-bacterial spray
The walls, ceilings and floor of the tanks are sprayed with a specially developed Anti-bacterial agent and made sterile.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 03 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours – 03 hours 

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