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Azima Queen Cleaning Services has been trusted service provider and that we can create a safer environment for our customer

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We are the acknowledge leader in high quality water tank cleaning services since a few years , During this era we'll build an enviable reputation for quality and efficiency and are documented for having the ability to finish the work within deadline . We are hooked in to our business.

High Pressure Tank Cleaning.
Todays, the effect of water borne diseases are well documented. Cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery, diarrhea… the list is endless. Yet, we discover that the matter of safe beverage is neglected or at the most addressed only at the individual famine level by having water purifiers etc.

Because of tanks are out of sight, nobody pays much attention to them and over a period of your time , dirt and organic matters accumulate and form an important sludge at rock bottom of cistern . Consequently they aren’t properly maintained.

*Our manpower is fully equipped and trains to try to to his job.
*We are susceptible to pay their all dues in regular basis.
*We completed the work within the committed time & schedule design.
*We are responsible to finish our job with taking precautions & customer satisfaction.

We all know prevention is certainly much better than cure ! So act fast and get in touch with Azima Queen Cleaning Services to form your tanks clean and safe.

Thus they become a possible source of contamination from rats, bacteria, dirt build up etc. it's therefore essential that cistern must be cleaned scientifically and at regular intervals to make sure that they are doing not become a source of water

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 03 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours – 03 hours 

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