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Committed to Keeping Your cistern Clean
Azima Queen Cleaning Services are presenting ourselves as a life line services. We are a number one organisation in cleaning water tanks - Overhead tanks and underground sumps.

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A frequently cleaned cistern not only prevents the outbreak of disease thanks to pollutants but also keeps cornered common health problems like cholera, dysentery and gastroenteritis. aside from the health benefits, regular cistern cleaning is additionally cost effective and prolongs the tank life. When a tank is being maintained throughout the year at regular intervals, it not only saves time and money on repairs and replacement, because the tank structure is a smaller amount susceptible to being damaged, but also reduces the probability of injury caused by corrosion. Additionally, cleaning and maintenance at intervals prevents plumbing issues like leaks and blockages, which may be a results of sediment or silt clogging the pipeline system of the power .

As a licensed tank cleaning service provider, Azima Queen Cleaning Services Tank Cleaners is liable for round-the-year cistern cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of water tanks at our clients’ facilities. Our cistern cleaning and maintenance package may be a combination of cleaning, disinfection and testing, also tank maintenance.

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*Certified Professional Cleaners
*Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Weekend Service Available

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 03 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours – 03 hours 

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