delhi ncr water tank cleaning services in govindpuram


Azima Queen Cleaning Services provide superior tank cleaning and disinfection service using the newest and advanced technology machines. (Professional high washer, Industrial Wet vacuum , Sledge pumps, Ultra violet irradiation Lamp, etc…)

We are specialist in cleaning very huge water tanks in no time . We clean Industrial and commercial water tanks, Water tanks in IT center, Hotels, commercial complex and multiple apartments

Water tank cleaning being a very basic necessity for hygienic and healthy  life has got to be done by PROFESSIONALS USING PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENTS. Hence, we at Azima Queen Cleaning Services employ highly professional machines and well trained workers to supply a radical cleaning and disinfection of water storage tanks.

We are specialist in cleaning huge tanks in no time . Our services are generally availed by Commercial/Industries: IT parks, Hotels, Colleges, Commercial complex, Huge Multi storied buildings & colonies. We do best services for Corporate, Water, Tank, Cleaners in Ghaziabad

*Fully mechanized tank cleaning.
*Full disinfection of water tanks using food grade disinfectants and Ultra Violate irradiation.
*Qualified technicians are employed to try to to knowledgeable job.
*Safety equipment are wont to avoid accidents.
*Very less time is taken to wash the tanks thoroughly.
*All six sides including the ceiling of water tanks are cleaned properly.

Corporate, Water, Tank, Cleaners

Safety equipment like Oxygen meter, Harness, Helmet, Safety shoes, Rubber gloves, Miniature breaker , Residual-current breaker , fan , ladder , etc are used for absolute safety on job.


*Dewatering Pump :
High end dewatering pumps are wont to dewater huge tanks in no time .

*Sludge removal pump :
Sludge removal pumps are wont to remove sludge and dirt from the tanks.
These pumps can pump out even stones up to 8mm.

*High Pressure washer 
*Highly professional

*Vacuum Cleaner :
Industrial vacuum cleaners are wont to remove fine sand particles and dirt after cleaning the tanks using high washer.

*Ultra Violet Irradiation Bulb :
Imported Germicidal Ultra Violet Irradiation bulbs are wont to provide an entire disinfection after cleaning the tank.

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TEAM SIZE: 01 – 03 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours – 03 hours 

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