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The ultimate tank purification system by Azima Queen Cleaning Services offer packages for all kinds of water storage tanks .

The 6 stage cleaning process has been developed through research and development to reach a full proof process that involves through state-of-the-art imported equipment and proprietary antibacterial agents that are safe, effective and eco-friendly.

Stage 1: Mechanized Dewatering

Manhole and surroundings are cleaned off dirt, mud and algae. Excess water is drained out & flushed straight into the system , laving no fiddle

Stage 2: Sludge Removal

Drains the tank of complete sludge & water making it able to be cleaned with water .

Stage 3: high Cleaning

At this stage the entire tank is throughly cleaned right from the ceiling, the walls & the ground , leaving no speck of dirt, algae, mosses, bacteria & calcination

Stage 4: Vacuum Cleaning

A air pump is employed to get rid of sludge & total sedimentation making the tank totally dirt free.

Stage 5: Anti-bacterial Spray

The walls & ceilings are made solely sterile from bacteria attack using specially developed antibacterial agents.

Stage 6: UV Radiation

A specially developed UV Radiator is employed to kill suspended or floating bacteria remaining within the tank. Full mechanical cleaning of water storage tanks
Complete disinfection of water storage tanks
Type of tanks to be cleaned (RCC, tiled ,sintex... ect)

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We provide Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Service for -
*Residential Apartment buildings
*Schools, Colleges & Hospitals
*Residential Care Facilities & Nursing Homes
*Hotels, Restaurants & Bars
*Public & Private Swimming Pools and gymnasiums
*Shopping Centers, Sport facilities and Golf Courses
*Offices & Industrial Premises
*Agricultural & Horticultural Sectors.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 03 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours – 03 hours 

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