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Azima Queen Cleaning Services together of the leading companies engaged in cleaning of Swimming Pools on Turnkey Basis i.e., right from conceptualizing, designing till commissioning including all accessories required for the entire function of the swimming bath and it's handled by us within the utmost professional manner. Customer is fully educated about the on going job and he's equally involved the project, which ends up in outcome to customer's satisfaction. We also follow international swimming bath design standard as per specifications . We compute the foremost economically viable method of constructing the swimming bath , which can justify the worth of the project.

Develop quality products at competitive price.

With the growing technology and competition within the economy we've always been ready to search and introduce new and complicated custom built products for our clients.
Azima Queen Cleaning Services offers a variety of products that are economical, simple at use and guaranteed for the outstanding result.

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Azima Queen Cleaning Services offers swimming bath construction, design and installation for specialist pools for all applications. regardless of the requirement - from commercial to domestic to specialist, we will provide the absolute best in quality and repair . If it's a replacement pool you need or simply technical assistance on water treatment and chemicals, our friendly team are here to assist . Azima Queen Cleaning Services are offering swimming bath construction and installation since a few years and are always happy to supply advice.

TEAM SIZE: 01 - 04  members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours - 05 hours 

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