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Azima Queen Cleaning Services is your attend company for pool care specializing in pool repair services. We repair all pool equipment and accessories including pool heaters, pumps, filters and salt systems. From minor equipment repairs to major ones, our staff has the expertise to handle all of them . We use modern technology in our repair services that permits us to try to to our job quickly. Our company uses only high quality, warrantied parts.

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Pool pumps and motors are intricate systems that sometimes break down. If the pump or motor are louder than usual or making a wierd noise, it's likely that it needs service. Our technicians have the expertise to seek out the mechanical issues with pumps and motors and fix them quickly. allow us to get to rock bottom of the matter .

Don’t let a leaky pool send your water bill soaring. If you think that your pool features a leak, contact us directly . the best time to repair a leak is before it gets worse. Water are often a destructive force and that we will make saving your pool our top priority.

Pool heaters got to be maintained to remain in fitness . If your pool heater won’t activate or doesn’t seem to be heating the water, our technicians can help. We are conversant in all makes and models of pool heaters and can provide you with an answer to the matter . allow us to get your pool water heater up to the temperature you wish it.

A salt system is what keeps your pool water chlorinated and safe for swimming. If you test your pool water and it lacks chlorine, you've got a drag on your hands. Salt build up can potentially cause issues with these systems. Don’t hesitate to call us to form a service appointment.

If it's to try to to together with your pool, we will repair it. From fixing automatic chlorinators, pool controllers and freeze guards to troubleshooting a poor water quality issue, our team has the knowledge and knowledge to help you. Whether you've got a minor problem that needs skimmer repair or valve replacements or a serious problem like leaks or green pool water, contact us.

TEAM SIZE: 01 - 04  members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours - 05 hours 

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