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Cleaning, Repairs and Upgrades of swimming bath cleaning by Azima Queen Cleaning Services

Overall, we offer pool services that include repairs, renovations and equipment upgrades. Azima Queen Cleaning Services is additionally here to assist you get a competitive edge. to face out from the gang , your facility may have something quite a standard rectangular pool.

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In fact, you'll engage a wider audience with a sensible renovation. In recent years, we’ve seen a rise during a spray ground or interactive water feature integration.

If your budget isn’t ready for a full pool renovation, you would possibly believe upgrading your existing equipment to save lots of money on your monthly utilities. an easy item like new LED pool lights can make an enormous impact: One traditional pool light can use an equivalent amount of energy as 20 LED pool lights. Other upgrades include chemical systems with built-in automation or variable speed motors.

Below services include, but aren't limited to:

*Repairs or upgrade of pool filter motor
*Repairs or upgrade of swimming bath lights
*Repairs or upgrade of pool sand filter unit
*Renovation of the whole pool filtration system including plumbing
*Re-grouting the swimming bath tiles

Swimming pool water is contaminated by swimmers and environmental pollutants, which are in suspended & dissolved state:
- Sweat, Spitting, Nasal & pharyngeal products.
- Skin, hair, dandruffs.
- Skin Diseases & Cross Infections.
- Cosmetics & Medications.
- Urine & faecal matter
- Bird droppings.
- Leaves & vegetation.
- Algae, Biomass.
- Micro Insects, worms.
- Water-borne chemicals, foul/chemical odor
- Dirt & Debris.
- Various sorts of bacteria and viruses can develop within the pool water making it un-safe for swimmers.

TEAM SIZE: 01 - 04  members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours - 05 hours 

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