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Swimming is a great exercise, fun & recreational activity accessible to all or any ages & physical abilities. swimming bath water gets contaminated by swimmers and environmental pollutants, which are in suspended & dissolved state:

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Swimming pools water treatment is a vital process to take care of the water quality for safety & hygiene of swimmers. Fundamentally water treatment involves filtration, ozonation & water analytical balance . In filtration, entire pool water is continuously re-circulated through physical filters. 

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Ozonation is that the advance & time tested ecological technology for disinfection. Ozonation not only kills all diseases causing bacteria & viruses but also oxidizes harmful impurities & pollutants thanks to environment & swimmers sweat & urine. Ozonation features a distinct advantage of extremely low generation of disinfectant byproduct. thanks to ozonation technique a number of the pool associated problems like eye souring, hair fall, teeth bettering, skin rashes are completely eliminated. Also pool water becomes highly safe & hygienic for the swimmers. it's strongly recommended to use ozonation for personal & public swimming pools. In most of nations & local municipalities use of chlorine is ban & ozonation is formed mandatory.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services all pool designs are compatible for ozonation from civil construction, mechanical & hydraulic aspects. Over an extended period of your time we've developed scientific technique of optimization, integration & customization.

We provide all equipments, fittings, accessories, filtration, ozonation, under water lighting, chemicals for pool falling under following categories :

Residential / Private Pool

Swimming pools which are made for private use and for recreation activity fall into private and residential category. These pools are of 15000 to 150000 liters in volume. These are quite common for bungalows, penthouse, farm house and terrace. These pools are use by just one family and infrequently by relatives and friends.

Public / Commercial Pool

Commercial pools are regularly employed by many swimmers of various families in society, clubs, hotels and municipalities. The pool volume of 200000 liters and above considered as public or commercial pools.

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