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Your guests stained you delicate suede sofa? Don’t worry! Azima Queen Cleaning Services can lookout of it safely and quickly. we provide top quality , professional sofa cleaning services for domestic and commercial customers in . Our deep dry sofa cleaning is safe and efficient. we'll help remove all removable stains, and clean and rejuvenate even the foremost delicate upholsteries, such as: silk, suede, viscose and other textiles which may be ruined or fiddle steam cleaning.

Our Dry Sofa Cleaning Company
Azima Queen Cleaning Services is a well-known friendly, local cleaning service, which is preferred by many private and business residents of . We hire only carefully vetted and referred cleaners. We train them and assess them for working with all of our professional cleaning machines, solutions, tools and to use the acceptable cleaning techniques for the various materials and items being cleaned. we've approved detailed cleaning checklists for each cleaning task, which our cleaning technicians got to follow. 
We even have implemented quality and safety operating procedures to make sure that our services are always of highest quality and are safe in the least times. Our services are insured.

The Dry Sofa Cleaning Procedure
Our cleaning technician comes with all necessary instruments, solutions and machines to perform the cleaning. The sofa or other upholstered furniture is thoroughly inspected and tested. the fabric , condition and any removable stains are noted when a choice of the acceptable solution is formed .
All detergents are tested before getting used on your furniture. 

sofa cleaning services in noida sector 01
The sofa is hoovered and brushed thoroughly then all stains which may be removed are pre-treated, so are any heavily soiled areas. Then a pre conditioning spray is sprayed on the whole sofa, in order that the dirt are often removed easily. then the cleaning foam is applied to the whole upholstery with a special machine which helps tuck it inside the fabric . After 10 minutes, when the froth has hardened, it's hoovered off with knowledgeable vacuum . The sofa are going to be rejuvenated. we will deodorise it or Scotchgard it upon your request.

If you would like someone to securely and yet efficiently clean your sofa, book our professional sofa deep cleaning service right away!

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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