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Affordable restaurant cleaning services by Azima Queen Cleaning Services

Restaurant kitchen cleaning services are our area of experience . Azima Queen Cleaning Services offer cleaning of equipment specialist for kitchen extracts, supply duct-work cleaning for giant restaurant chains, smaller local diners, restaurants, bistros, pre-school, hotels, capsules and other commercial food preparation areas.

We are contracted to hold out commercial kitchen cleans, extraction disinfects for central location status clients in hotel industries.

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Our company strongly advocates the security and comply strictly with safety requirements as per the wants . many thanks to our clients, most proud to be of your service.

Our Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service Steps:

-Extraction Cleaning ( ducting, filters, extractor fans)

-Equipment Deep Cleaning( cold room, chillers, freezers, upright and counter fridges, ovens, stoves, bain maries, griddles, fryers, soup kettle( Kitchen cooking range)

-Worktop/ Storage deep cleaning( shelves, trolleys, table top)

- Structural deep cleaning ( wall tiles, floorings, ceilings)

These service providers ensure they suits Industry standards to make sure the standard is left uncompromised. a number of the best practices and procedures are adhered by the restaurant cleaning services . Cleaning services are offered daily (day services or night), periodic basis, regular basis or project-based counting on the request by the purchasers , the quantity of cleaning required, costing and privacy & business hour requirements.

An organization spends a substantial amount of your time designing its building, workspace, cubicles, halls, meeting rooms, furniture, floors, walls, windows, doors, etc. to stay it neat, fresh and spotless the best commercial building cleaning service provider that suits the requirements for the customer is to be wisely chosen. Maintenance of any asset makes the asset live and breathe longer and healthier, benefit those that use it much better!!

TEAM SIZE: 05 - 10  members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours - 05 hours 

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