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Proper sanitization: Always sanitize the table tops, chairs and counter tops properly. Sanitize them with the assistance of some good cleaning agent and towel.
Don’t neglect condiments: All the condiment bottles which are kept on the tables like ketchup, salt and pepper should be regularly disinfected.
Cleaned floor: Always sweep and mop the ground regularly which incorporates most of the areas of the restaurant like under table, chairs and entryways. If the restaurant features a tile flooring then scrub it to urge obviate stain.

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Importance of restaurant kitchen cleaning

Improves hygiene for your establishment or premises- A thoroughly deep cleaned kitchen prevents the spread of bacteria which will contaminate your food and harm the purchasers . Not only it increases the extent of hygiene but also will reduces customer’s complains. It maintains the standard of the food and therefore the health of the workers also and is required for the graceful functioning of the industry.

Improves and maintains the working condition of the staffs– If restaurant kitchen is dirty and slippery, it'd not only cause accident but also can effect the operation of the business. It also provides a healthier working environment for the staffs. Moreover the staffs feel motivated to figure .

It reduces the danger of pest-– A clean kitchen prevents and prevents the entry of bacteria and pests. With regular kitchen deep cleaning you'll never face this problem.

For maintaining food and safety regulation- Your kitchen must satisfy the food standard safety regulations. you'll avoid the regular inspection by health officials by getting it cleaned regularly by kitchen cleaning service professionals.
Safety of the workers- Restaurant kitchen exhaust can cause serious health hazards. Regular kitchen cleaning not only helps you to urge obviate grime and mud that gets gathered but also prevents the danger of fireside .

TEAM SIZE: 05 - 10  members
TIME DURATION: 01 hours - 05 hours 

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