delhi ncr mattress dry cleaning services in surya nagar


Mattresses are where we spend majority of our time. they're also the most tract for mites like dust mite and sarcoptid . The mattress provides ideal environment conditions for the mites along side plentiful supply of food. Human skin flakes are the first food for the dust mites. Mattress sanitizing services make sure that the dust mites and itch mites are reduced in number and stop the allergy and germs from growing. It’s not a daily cleaning service which takes care of stains but more of a service which ensures that dust mites and germs are eradicated from the mattresses.

mattress dry cleaning services in surya nagar

We spend 1/3rd of our lives on the mattresses. As we sleep we inhale these dust mites and germs from the mattresses and pillows. These germs then dwell in our lungs and make problems like bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory disorders. Sleeping on these surfaces infested with dust mites and germs also can create allergies and skin problems like eczema and rashes. Allergy being within the forefront of what one can get from these dust mite infested surfaces.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services follows a worldwide standard of a 3 pronged approach; therefore ensuring that the upholstered surfaces of your mattress, sofas pillows and carpets are completely sanitized.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services industrial powered vacuum ensures that each one the dust mites and germs aren't just sucked into the machine but it also has filtering capability of ensuring that the germs as small as 0.2 ?m (micron) is filtered. Most machines don't have this HEPA filteration. All the allergens get trapped in our machine. You get to ascertain the quantum of dust that gets extracted.

TEAM SIZE: 01 - 02  members 
TIME DURATION: 45min - 01 hours 

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