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Pickup & Drop-Off Laundry Services. For Businesses & Individuals.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services has been serving the society since a few years we offer quality Laundry cleaning , Ironing and Saree Polishing services delivered to door-step for the purchasers .

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Azima Queen Cleaning Services Dry Cleaners was established with all the experience, hands-on supervision and dedication which earmarks a family concern. Over the years, the corporate has gone from strength to strength and has acquired a reputation for service excellence, speedy turnaround times and large volume capacity

We have the foremost modern and technologically advanced machinery available which increases our capacity and efficiency so as to accommodate a growing client base and offer a good wider range of services than before.

Dry Cleaning Services

Our Exclusive cleaning ensures the only care of your garments, with iron and with nice hands.

Laundry Services

We offer Wash and Ironing service with the foremost effective equipment in city, your garments are getting to be ironed to crease with excellent air tight packing.

Ironing Services

No tons of burnt or stained garments. we've a bent to at Azima Queen Cleaning Services Dry Cleaners use associate all steam method to urge obviate the wrinkles in your garment.

Saree Polishing Services

We provide the foremost effective Sari polishing is a unique service that aims to revive and preserve the inherent brightness and shine of the fabric , while not touching its sturdiness and natural beauty.

Commercial Laundry Services

All your business clothes are getting to be washed using premium cloth specific detergents. Stains are getting to be spotted using advanced stain removing techniques before being washed and steam pressed.

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