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Azima Queen Cleaning Services is an on-demand laundry service company. we glance forward to servicing all of your premium cleaning and laundry requirements.

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We use Latest technology machines and internationally standardized chemicals for quality cleaning. With another feature of online ordering and free pick-up and delivery within 24-48 hours of turnaround , we expect to succeed in every household in our vicinity”

Our experts in stain removal and washing give their best to wash your garments, shoes and bags with gentle chemicals that are environmentally friendly. We use the equipment and cleaning agents and our machinery uses state-of-the-art technologies. We make the processes safe and secure by employing a process control software that individually tags each item and monitors them because the items are cleaned. Our drying process is gentle and matched to the garment supported what proportion heat and mechanical movement the fragile garment can handle.

We provide washing, cleaning , steam ironing and other value added services to form your life freed from laundry hassles. Our staff consists of experts who have huge experience and knowledge of various sorts of fabrics and garments and skills to treat them. We assure to unload your loaded burden of undone laundry!

*Dry Clean
Chemical wash, ideal for office wear & weekend wear

*KG Laundry
Machine wash, ideal for your daily wear clothes

Delivered within 3 - 4 working days.
Standard prices applicable

*Antiseptic Wash
Antiseptic wash can help wash out wounds and helps prevent infection

TEAM SIZE: 01 - 02  members
TIME DURATION: 45min - 01 hours 

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