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Azima Queen Cleaning Services has been on top of the sport for revolutionizing the cleaning Industry While the brand has been providing dry-cleaning and premium dry-cleaning services we've now introduced Azima Queen Cleaning Services, which may be a state of the art premium Live dry-cleaning lounge, the primary of its kind, Azima Queen Cleaning Services  offers an ultimate solution for all garment woes by offering dedicated and customised cleaning and fabric care services to reinforce your garment’s time period .

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Through our Live Dry-Cleaning store, we cause transparency and credibility to the best Dry-Cleaning experience, that was unprecedented within the past. An extended range of services and a structured process make sure the perfect care, each time, for your worthy possessions. With unparalleled dedication towards getting you the simplest value for each penny spent, we are constantly striving to realize Global Standards in cleaning . So next time your clothes got to be treated with utmost care and love, remember to seem for the best dry-cleaning store near you, only with Azima Queen Cleaning Services

Curtain Cleaning Service

A good rule of thumb is to wash your blinds, curtains and drapes every 2 months. Exposing your sheer drapes to sunlight can make the pleats vulnerable to damage. make sure that you clean your curtains the primary time. Subsequent cleaning are often wet or clean counting on the material type. Only linen, cotton and polyester curtains are often wet cleaned; silk, brocade, tissue curtains are only to be dry cleaned.

If you would like help removing your drapery, please allow us to know beforehand at the time of booking your pickup. Also, mention if you'd like your curtains pleated and ironed so as to hold them conveniently. As a rule, if pleats are present, we pleat-iron the curtains, else flat-iron them.

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