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Some garments require quite the standard services and that we realize it . Azima Queen Cleaning Services’ are designed to offer these special fabrics what they have .

DELICATE: A carefully designed machine process to be gentle on your delicate wear with embellishments, ornamentation or fragile fabrics.

PURE WHITE: A special treatment to bring out the brightness in your whites. No this is often not a bleach treatment.

STARCH PLUS: A graded service to your choice of stiffness and fall of the material .

ANTI MOTH: a really popular service (in tropical Indian weather) specifically designed to disinfect and protect your garments or linen from bacteria and fungus in long storage.

FABRIC PROTECTION: A fragrant finishing process that ensures reduction of creases and sun fading once you wear your garment outdoors.

Saree Cleaning and Saree Roll Press Service

We understand that silk sarees tend to be heirloom pieces and have an emotional value quite incomparable to its price . thereupon in mind, Azima Queen Cleaning Services has introduced India’s first automatic roll press and polishing service to require care of the various sarees, dhotis, dupattas, etc.

As a part of  a part of the saree roll press - each part of the saree is brought into contact with heat for exactly 2 seconds only along felt lined calendars. Silks are natural fibers and lose its strength with exposure to long-time and unwanted high-temperature heat. Bearing this in mind, heat contact has been reduced to rock bottom possible 2 seconds.

Compare this to your local people, who will iron each fold back and forth, multiple times. Folds aren't pressed at Azima Queen Cleaning Services. Sharp creases have a high possibility of tearing along the sides when your sarees are stored in your wardrobe for a length of your time . We do concentrate to those small but important factors as a part of our saree roll press service.

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