delhi ncr kitchen cleaning services in noida sector 12


Azima Queen Cleaning Services for your commercial kitchen. Our kitchen extract cleaning service removes grease and carbon deposits from your extractor fan, kitchen canopy and ducting in line.

kitchen cleaning services in noida sector 12

We also offer a kitchen ventilation monitoring service for patrons who are unsure if their system requires deep cleaning, or would really like a report back to demonstrate their current compliance with the rules . Our technicians take photographs and measure the amount of grease in your canopy, ductwork, ventilation and extraction system to incorporate within the report, alongside recommendations and observations.

Why is Professional Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning Important?

Cooking in commercial kitchens generates airborne grease, carbon and steam, which may condense on the inner walls of kitchen ductwork and extraction systems. These deposits can build-up and reduce airflow, create foul odours, increase fire risk and become a big fire hazard.

Due to the high risk of potential fire, kitchen extraction systems warrant close attention and will be included during this assessment. top quality kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning will assist you make sure that your system remains safe.

commercial kitchen ventilation cleaning and maintenance, to assist reduce the danger of kitchen fires. Regular cleaning of your kitchen’s ventilation can assist you remain in line with the rules and stop fires. Additionally, many companies include specific conditions in their policies regarding the cleaning of your kitchen ventilation and extraction system. If a fireplace occurs and therefore the cause appears to be related to your system not being cleaned adequately, then it could jeopardize your policy.

We carry out our ventilation and extraction system cleaning  service sometimes convenient to you, helping to make sure that there's minimal disruption to your business. Where access is restricted , we will install access doors and access panels to assist us perform a radical vent cleaning service. Alternatively, we use specialised remote brushing equipment to make sure that we are ready to clean your system to its entirety.

TEAM SIZE: 02 – 04 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 03 hours

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